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Drone Operator Training

UAV Operator

Many countries around the world require individuals who operate drones to have a current qualification that shows they have illustrated competency in maneuvering their unmanned aerial vehicle.

England has specific rules that must be followed for drone pilots to receive legally recognized qualification.

The Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom acts in a similar fashion as the Federal Aviation Authority does in the United States (check out this excellent summary of US safety laws here:

They make the legally-enforceable laws when it comes to general UAV usage. This article will cover everything it takes for British pilot to learn and receive a proper license in his home country.… Read the rest

FAA Rules to Get the Drone Pilot Certificate

Drone operator training

 FAA rules

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have come a long way over the years. They were initially used mainly for military operations, testing ammo and dropping bombs. The non-tech savvy community still thinks of this type of artillery usage when they hear the word “drone.”

Drone Operator TrainingThough this no longer the usual utilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, reports of drone crashes and hundreds of damages because malfunctions or mistakes in government flights can make the common public wary of the private sector’s use of drones.

In the last few years, major manufacturers have made drones more accessible to the public. By making them more user-friendly, affordable, and by using smart marketing strategies drones are quickly becoming a household item.

Recently Amazon has expressed interest in delivering packages to their customers via unmanned aerial vehicles, Though this would be a time and money saving innovation, it could be a while for this … Read the rest

Keep These 6 Things in Mind before Flying Your New Drone

Drone Operator Training

 Know before flying

Everyone seems to be talking about drones and for good reason. These unmanned aerial vehicles are doing a lot to simplify many of the problems people face in their careers. For farmers, they can survey their fields and let them know how the crops are doing.

Real estate agents can use them to take aerial photos of the homes they’re selling. Even some police departments are using them to subdue dangerous criminals. With so many innovative ways drones can improve lives, regular Joes are headed to the store to buy one for themselves.

Here’s a guideline for first-time drone owners so they can make the most out of their UAV piloting experience while still staying within legal and safety limits:

Step 1- Register the drone

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) makes the rules about drone usage in the United States. Right now, the FAA dictates that all … Read the rest

Check Out the List of 15 Best Colleges for Drone Training

Drone Operator Training

 Best colleges for drone training

The FAA has recently changed its laws in reference to drone aviation and is expected to continue making changes over the next few years.

In anticipation of these new regulations, many colleges are offering varying degrees in drone operator training.

Below is a list of the 15 best colleges for drone students to consider if they want to start or maintain their career as a UAV pilot:

1. Embry-Riddle

Embry-Riddle has more pilot cadets to graduate from their Reserve Officers Training Corps program than any other non-military endorsed school.

Embry-Riddle was the first in America to offer a post-graduate education course in UAV maneuvers and continuing education.

Their instructors are qualified to teach students everything there is to know about drones from how to build them to how to pilot them.

Drone courses are available through Embry-Riddle online and in person at their Prescott, Arizona … Read the rest