Go Through These Basics to Become an Expert Aerial Photographer

Helicopter photography Tips

Aerial photography tips from the experts

Shooting aerial photography can take a bit of practice to get perfect. Luckily the experts are always quick to weigh in on how to have a pleasant experience and get quality pictures the first time around.

Here’re some awesome aerial photography tips from a professional’s point of view:

Helicopter flight photography

Helicopter Photography TipsAirplanes have a great disadvantage when it comes to aerial photography: it cannot maintain position.

It must stay in motion at all times. Helicopters have the ability to hover in place and get closer to the subject matter, making it the better transportation choice of the two.

Discuss Route Planning Before Taking Off. It is crucial for the photographer to discuss his ideal plans with the helicopter pilot before they ever leave the ground.

It’s best to have a discussion with the pilot prior to booking the flight so everyone is in agreement … Read the rest

Helicopter Photography Tips for Shooting the Property

Helicopter Photography Tips

 Tips for shooting the property

Here’s an outline of some great aerial photography tips taken straight from an expert who helps realtors show off their properties’ best qualities from the sky:

With aerial photography becoming a necessity to help sell properties, its feat professional photographers will sometimes have to master to stay relevant.

Whatever the project may be, the client will be depending on their photographer to capture footage that shows off the area’s best features in a clear, artistic way.

The same level of professionalism is expected from aerial photography as regular ground-based photography. The pictures will likely be rejected if they look like satellite imagery.

The majority of the images captured should be taken at an oblique angle, not just straight down.

Shooting multiple angles of the desired structures will give the pictures added dimension and look more appealing overall.

The photographer should take hundreds of images, … Read the rest

8 Great Tips for Aerial Photography from the Helicopter

Helicopter Photography Tips

 Helicopter photography tips

Helicopter rides can be an incredible experience. Tourists and locals alike will enjoy the priceless views that can only be spotted from up high.

For those who want to share the experience with family and friends, a camera is necessary to capture the action. Experts are willing to share their advice for having a great time getting the best photographs from the helicopter, no professional camera required.

Some might assume that they need a fancy expensive camera in order to get good shots of the world below, but that may not be necessary.

Here’re a few aerial photography tips that will come in handy on a helicopter ride:

1. Passengers should take a time to enjoy the experience.

In this age of technology, it’s easy for people to get so wrapped up in the digital world that they miss out on the real world.

Those on … Read the rest