How To Become A Qualified Helicopter Pilot

Qualified Helicopter Pilot

The life of a helicopter pilot is an exciting one, with lots of potential career paths to explore. Some will want to go into the more leisurely options of transportation and sightseeing tours. Others want to follow a more dangerous and rewarding route with the emergency services.

Either way, there is no way to get into the cockpit and behind the controls without the right training. What does it take to become a qualified helicopter pilot? What training, flight hours and costs are now required to succeed?… Read the rest

You should Ask These 11 Questions from Your Helicopter Training School before Getting Started

Helicopter Training

You Must ask these 11 questions

Helicopter flight training does not come cheap. Most of the today’s pilots pay anywhere from $45,000 to $120,000 to complete their course to get licensed.

Experts in the piloting industry are willing to offer to advise to anyone passionate enough to want to spend their money and time on getting trained in helicopter piloting.

Here are 11 questions recommended by an expert pilot that students should ask their helicopter training school before ever enrolling:

1. What is the cost?

Pilots will not only need to inquire about the total cost of completing their education but also request a detailed itemized list of the costs involved.

Nine of the subjects discussed on the list need to be cost of the helicopter, cost of the instructor, cost of the fuel, cost of the insurance, cost of the take off and landing briefings, cost of ground school, … Read the rest

3 Things can Maximize Your Helicopter Training

Helicopter Training

 Maximize your helicopter training

Learning to fly any aerial vehicle will no doubt come with many amazing experiences.

Though helicopter training is rewarding, it won’t always be smooth sailing. It takes a great commitment to get a pilot’s license since it is an investment in time, effort, and money.

For those serious enough to make such a commitment, they’ll want to maximize the time spent in training in order to become as successful as possible.

Included in this article is a list of three basic things every pilot can do to ensure they get the best knowledge and experience while learning to fly.

Helicopter Training

1. Fly frequently

Those whose dream it is to fly any aerial vehicle should not have any trouble with this step.

If a hopeful pilot sees that he is not making the time to get in adequate practice, he needs to reevaluate his priorities and think about … Read the rest