Helicopter Photography Tips for Shooting the Property

Helicopter Photography Tips
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 Tips for shooting the property

Here’s an outline of some great aerial photography tips taken straight from an expert who helps realtors show off their properties’ best qualities from the sky:

With aerial photography becoming a necessity to help sell properties, its feat professional photographers will sometimes have to master to stay relevant.

Whatever the project may be, the client will be depending on their photographer to capture footage that shows off the area’s best features in a clear, artistic way.

The same level of professionalism is expected from aerial photography as regular ground-based photography. The pictures will likely be rejected if they look like satellite imagery.

The majority of the images captured should be taken at an oblique angle, not just straight down.

Shooting multiple angles of the desired structures will give the pictures added dimension and look more appealing overall.

The photographer should take hundreds of images, not just the necessary shots. By using every minute of the helicopter rental time to take pictures, there’s sure to be a few winners in the mix.

Change out the lenses, experiment with different filters, and have the helicopter pilot circle the property again and again.

It is the professional photographer’s duty to find the right angle, closeness, and elevation. The pictures will not come out perfectly unless all these conditions are met.

Aircraft considerations

A helicopter is usually the optimal choice when it comes down to either it or a small airplane. Airplanes must keep moving at all times and can be limited when it comes to maneuverability.

Helicopters can usually get fairly close to the subject and can hover in place. Unfortunately, helicopters may not always be an option.

If the place being photographed is extremely rural, helicopters may not be available or able to make such a long trip. It’s important for aerial photographers to get some practice on a plane in the case that helicopter usage is not feasible.

Helicopter Photography Tips

Other considerations

Photographers should take the time to scout the area that they are going to be shooting on foot first. They need to have GPS coordinates, but also have a good idea about surrounding landmarks in case the GPS fails.

Aerial photography shoots can sometimes be stressful, so the photographer needs to plan ahead to make sure he has considered everything that would be important to the client.

Photographers should do what they can to make the shoot go as smoothly as possible. They should not try any new experiments when time is limited, just keep it as simple as possible.

They should check to make sure they have everything they need before take off. This includes the coordinates to give the pilot, their lenses, filters, and sufficient battery charge.

A haze filter can be a photographer’s best friend if filming in a big city. Light pollution and smog can make the images look cloudy, even on the clearest of days.

Try to plan the trip for a day when the weather is sunny and free of clouds. If it begins raining at the time the photographer booked the flight, he will need to reschedule.

Photographers must also set their cameras to a higher shutter speed. Vibration from the helicopter can easily make the photos blurry if not taken on a rapid shutter speed.

By following these simple aerial photography tips, those new to the experience can master the skill in no time.

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