FAA Rules to Get the Drone Pilot Certificate

Drone operator training

 FAA rules

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have come a long way over the years. They were initially used mainly for military operations, testing ammo and dropping bombs. The non-tech savvy community still thinks of this type of artillery usage when they hear the word “drone.”

Drone Operator TrainingThough this no longer the usual utilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, reports of drone crashes and hundreds of damages because malfunctions or mistakes in government flights can make the common public wary of the private sector’s use of drones.

In the last few years, major manufacturers have made drones more accessible to the public. By making them more user-friendly, affordable, and by using smart marketing strategies drones are quickly becoming a household item.

Recently Amazon has expressed interest in delivering packages to their customers via unmanned aerial vehicles, Though this would be a time and money saving innovation, it could be a while for this … Read the rest