Why We Should Turn To Drones In Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Drone

A good and detail image is important when selling a property online. Buyers skim through a listing and need instant gratification and information for a snap decision.

A picture can tell them more about the appeal, location, and vibe of a home than a wall of text. If it is a right image, they will read on. If it is a bad image, they will look elsewhere.

It takes some thought and skill to create a picture that is eye-catching and informative. Now many believe that aerial images via drones are the only way forward.… Read the rest

Keep These 6 Things in Mind before Flying Your New Drone

Drone Operator Training

 Know before flying

Everyone seems to be talking about drones and for good reason. These unmanned aerial vehicles are doing a lot to simplify many of the problems people face in their careers. For farmers, they can survey their fields and let them know how the crops are doing.

Real estate agents can use them to take aerial photos of the homes they’re selling. Even some police departments are using them to subdue dangerous criminals. With so many innovative ways drones can improve lives, regular Joes are headed to the store to buy one for themselves.

Here’s a guideline for first-time drone owners so they can make the most out of their UAV piloting experience while still staying within legal and safety limits:

Step 1- Register the drone

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) makes the rules about drone usage in the United States. Right now, the FAA dictates that all … Read the rest