Why We Should Turn To Drones In Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Drone

A good and detail image is important when selling a property online. Buyers skim through a listing and need instant gratification and information for a snap decision.

A picture can tell them more about the appeal, location, and vibe of a home than a wall of text. If it is a right image, they will read on. If it is a bad image, they will look elsewhere.

It takes some thought and skill to create a picture that is eye-catching and informative. Now many believe that aerial images via drones are the only way forward.… Read the rest

Drones are Making it Easier for You to Shop for Real Estate

Drones in Real Estate

 Drones in real estate

Real estate agents are now adding a new skill to their portfolio: drone photography.

UAV photography is all the rage in Europe and real estate agents abroad are using drones to amp up their business by getting unique aerial pictures of the homes they’re trying to sell.

In America, the national trade association for real estate agents has drawn up a set of guidelines for agents who wish to add drone photography to their repertoire.

Aerial photography is sometimes necessary for prospective home buyers to fully see the property they are interested in.

Before drones were an option, real estate agents would have to hire a helicopter to take top-down pictures of the homes they were representing.

This was very costly as helicopter rentals don’t come cheap. Realtors who were afraid of heights or those with poor photography skills would have to hire a photographer.… Read the rest