Why We Should Turn To Drones In Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Drone
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A good and detail image is important when selling a property online. Buyers skim through a listing and need instant gratification and information for a snap decision.

A picture can tell them more about the appeal, location, and vibe of a home than a wall of text. If it is a right image, they will read on. If it is a bad image, they will look elsewhere.

It takes some thought and skill to create a picture that is eye-catching and informative. Now many believe that aerial images via drones are the only way forward.

Some homeowners may wonder whether an aerial shot can make that much of a difference, compared to an ordinary one.

Stats from MLS statistics show that listings with aerial shots sold 68% faster. The reason for this can be the word “ordinary.” We have used standard shots for decades, and they tend to show the same things and same angles.

An aerial shot gives a new perspective, and often a better sense of scale and location. There has to be that initial wow factor on a listing to make buyers click on it. A clear, dramatic aerial shot could do just that. However, there is more to aerial imaging than still photos.

The rise of the drone for real estate marketing is also necessary because of the desire for video of the property. Videos provide an entirely different look at a property and put the place in context with the garden and surrounding area. This can provide a better idea of what it is like to live there.

Drone for Real Estate Marketing

The National Association of Realtors state that 73% of homeowners are now more likely to list a property with agents that use video.

An Australian company saw traffic to video-based listings rise by 403%. This is the new trend in house sales, and it has had a significant impact. Therefore, it makes sense that homeowners find a way to create well-made, attractive videos with their drones.

With aerial photography and video on the rise in marketing for real estate, it helps to take the time to get the best possible shots.

This means the right equipment and the right drone operator. At one point, it might have been enough to fly a personal drone with a primary camera and take a couple of images. This would have been fine when no-one else was using this tech.

Now, quality and artistry are important in these shots. This need for quality means a high-end drone with stable flight and the right sort of camera. The camera needs to be capable of sharp images and clear colors, with no distortion on the lens.

There also has to be that HD video capability for those short films that track the landscape. This means a top-of-the-line expensive drone with the best tech.

This is where it pays to hire the right drone operator. The best pilots for this job are the ones that have the drones that are stable and capable enough to provide the best images. They must also have the experience and skills to get the job done.

Some of the best professionals will have portfolios on websites with examples of their work. Also, it is important to check their credentials when checking their skills. Are they licensed to operate these machines around the property? Do they have liability insurance in case of any accidents?

Aerial Photography Drone

There is some cost involved in hiring a drone operator to take these images, and this can put some people off.

Some operators will charge a few hundred dollars for their work. However, this is a good investment, and the math does eventually work in your favor.

While you would be spending a certain fee on this operator for an afternoon, this expense can increase your overall profits. If a good video is now likely to generate more interest, this enhances the chance of further sales. The commission makes on additional house sales in the year is more than enough to cover the fee of hiring the operator.

In the end, it does make a lot of sense to bring in a drone pilot when trying to market a home. This isn’t a weird gimmick anymore.

These aerial shots and videos are now expected from the best listings. This means it is the time that all real estate sellers give into the costs of hiring a drone and enjoy the benefits. Those that stick with the standard shots will soon begin to lose out.

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