Go Through These Basics to Become an Expert Aerial Photographer

Helicopter photography Tips
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Aerial photography tips from the experts

Shooting aerial photography can take a bit of practice to get perfect. Luckily the experts are always quick to weigh in on how to have a pleasant experience and get quality pictures the first time around.

Here’re some awesome aerial photography tips from a professional’s point of view:

Helicopter flight photography

Helicopter Photography TipsAirplanes have a great disadvantage when it comes to aerial photography: it cannot maintain position.

It must stay in motion at all times. Helicopters have the ability to hover in place and get closer to the subject matter, making it the better transportation choice of the two.

Discuss Route Planning Before Taking Off. It is crucial for the photographer to discuss his ideal plans with the helicopter pilot before they ever leave the ground.

It’s best to have a discussion with the pilot prior to booking the flight so everyone is in agreement and there are no surprises.

If the pilot cannot go the route the photographer is hoping to go due to laws or government regulations, it’s best to know before paying the money.

Take preventative medications

This may sound like overkill, but no one can predict the future. If a photographer is prone to motion sickness or anxiety, it’s advisable to take the appropriate medication in enough time for it to kick in before the helicopter ride. Keep in mind there is no bathroom on a helicopter.

Bring Multiple Lenses

Hopefully, the pilot can maneuver their aircraft as close to or as far away as necessary to get the best pictures.

In the case that they can’t, it’s a good idea to bring spare lenses. The pilot may not be able to get as close to certain structures if there is a change in weather with unusual gusts of wind. Better to have the extra lenses than to be wishing they had them.

The helicopter creates some turbulence on its own

Bringing a camera with image stability capabilities is a must. The helicopter engine does create a mild vibration and the pictures could come out blurry if the camera is not equipped with a stabilization feature.

Passengers should not lean outside the aircraft to take the pictures. Not only is this dangerous, the turbulence created by the main rotor will buffet the lens.

To get the best photographs, the photographer will need to remain entirely inside the helicopter. If he needs closer shots, he should ask the pilot to move in closer or change lenses.

Make the most of the spare time

If the pilot has rented out the helicopter for a certain amount of time, it’s obvious that he would want to take advantage of every minute on board.

If the property he is looking to capture is adequately photographed with plenty of time to spare, the photographer may ask the pilot to let him take pictures of nearby areas. It wouldn’t hurt to add those to his portfolio.
By following these simple tips, photographers can get their ideal pictures and have a good time while doing so.

By putting these expert aerial photography tips to use, it won’t take photographers long to get the hang of capturing aviation-based imagery.

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